Monthly Archives: February 2009

Saturday’s Second Helping

If Billy Clyde said it once, he repeated it twenty times in his post game presser with Tom Leach: “I don’t understand.” Well BCG, here’s what I don’t understand. Your team took 52 shots (hit a danged good percentage too), and two guys — Patterson and Meeks — took 39 of them. How come the […]

Hokie Pokie & Other Saturday Dance Scenarios

If memory serves, Craig Wiggins was most proficient doing the hokey pokey at my Bar Mitzvah party at Fourth Avenue Roller Rink. He should be glad Jonathon Scheyer wasn’t invited. With less than a minute to go, the Dookie was trapped in the back court, with his team up three on Virginia Tech. He moved […]

The Dance will be a Doozy

Joe Lunardi has made a relatively reliable science of picking which teams make it into the NCAA. And is a pretty fair estimatician of the seed value of each squad. Or, is that predictator of the seediness of each school? Anyway, he’s still got Louisville on the second line. Which means the Cards would open […]

That Darn Media

Seems like the wags who write sports just won’t let up about the possibility that Louisville might need a new football coach after next season. If not sooner. And it’s not just us local troublemakers either. Why won’t the press just leave it alone and shut up? Don’t we know the Cards got their guy? […]

Those were the Days . . . Come Again

During Sunday’s “White Out” game with Marquette, which will be televised on CBS, the Cards will wear throw back unis, similar to the ones from the Unseld Era of the 60′s. Which leaves my sweetie, the Film Babe, with this conundrum: Does she abide by the suggestion and wear white? Or, does she don our […]

Earth Shifts on Axis

Tiger lost 4 and 2 to Tim Clark in the second round. There’s no joy in Mudville. Or at my friend David’s house. – Seedy K

Money, Money, Money

SportsBusiness Journal is reporting that the NBA is about to borrow $175 million. It intends to distribute $11 plus to each of 15 teams that are apparently strapped for cash and said they could use the help. Which raises this question. Why would a team pay Stephon Marbury $21 million to sit on the bench […]

Ready for Prime Time?

That’s the question UK fans are asking today about Billy Clyde. The Big Blue Nation is upset. With the team. With the coach. And with each other. A Cat fan who was at the South Carolina game posted his experience attempting to engage the team and coach after the game. (A silly move really, given […]

Celebrate, Celebrate . . .

. . . Dance to the music. Come on now, admit it. You’ll sleep better tonight. You were nicer to the spouse and kids at dinner. That diminishing portfolio doesn’t look so bad today. The world just seems like a brighter place today. Those stacks of tree limbs along the streets aren’t bothering you so […]

“We hired the Kragthorp(e) of basketball”

That was the title of just one of many similar threads at in the aftermath of UK’s 18 point breakdown at South Carolina. Here’s a sample of what the Big Blue fans are feeling about Billy Clyde tonight: ” . . . I don’t know what makes you think he can coach. How many […]