Monthly Archives: January 2009

No Orlando In Alabama

Feel free to muse whether Orlando “Tubby” Smith would leave the Great White North of Minnesooooota to take the Alabama job, if you must. But hear me now, and believe me later. Smith will not be offered the job, although a courtesy call checking out his interest may — Read: may — be made. I’m […]

Stayin’ On Top Ain’t Easy

Hoopaholics around here take success for granted. Even with the reality that was periods of plummeting results in recent decades at UK, U of L and IU. Maryland is a great example. The Terps won the national title 7 years ago. Since then, nada. Not to mention the embarrasing forty plus point loss to Duke. […]

Take a Ticket, Take a Seat

If you’re dyin’ to go to the Super Bowl, this may be the year to do it. Ticket prices are down. Which doesn’t mean cheap really, just relatively so. The NFL priced seats in the stadium at $500, $800 and $1000. Makes those U of L tickets in the new arena a bargain, doesn’t it? […]

In Case You Were Wondering . . .

. . . whatever happened to Sebastian Telfair? He toils for the Minnesota Timberwolves. They’re 15-27 and one of those many NBA teams that play in obscurity, rarely appearing on national TV. The Once Future SuperduperStar who has been transcended by former Celtics teammate, Louisvillian Rajon Rondo, averages 7.6 ppg, and 4.1 rpg. I don’t […]

LeBron’s the One!

There is no doubt that LeBron James is an incredible physical specimen, a marvelous basketballer, and, by all accounts, a decent guy. Plus he wants to make more money than Tiger, and may well do it. But, I gotta tell ya, until a game the other night, I wasn’t sure if he was ever going […]

Coaching Carousel

Mark Gottfried’s gone at Alabama. I still don’t know what’s going on these days. What’s with all the season changes in the last couple of years. In the pros. In college. What have you done for me lately? Anyhow, I find it interesting that the two names that keep popping up on the Crimson Tide […]

Clockworking the Orange!!!!!

“What we were after now was the old surprise visit. That was a real kick and good for laughs and lashings of the old ultraviolent.” Forgive me, my fellow hoopaholics. I feel compelled to tap into my love of moviedom. The Truth: What the Cardinals did to Syracuse on Sunday was cinematic. Oscar-worthy. When the […]

Saturday Afternoon in Hoopsylvania

Okay, it’s the wife’s birthday. Supposed to go bowling. Her idea. But guess who comes up with a sore throat and feeling poorly? Hubby, that’s who. So what’s a guy with a cold comin’ on supposed to do? (Other than apologize profusely every fifteen minutes to his significant other.) Lots of fluids. Rest. Chicken soup. […]

Now For Something Completely Different

Sailing isn’t really big around here. Duh. But it has an advocate or deux around in town. Like my friend Mark, with whom I’ve ridden the rails in Sydney harbor. That would be Australia. So he sends me this video and says you’ve got to watch. If only for the boffo announcers, he says. (These […]

Numbers ‘r’ Us

Today’s question, sports fans, is what can we learn, if anything, from stat sheets? Take Utah State for instance. At 18-1, the Aggies have as good a record as any school in the land, but thus far have received no love from the pundits. Digger Phelps included, but, hey, that’s probably a good thing. They’re […]