This Morning’s Toast

There’s been a lot of conjecture this week about the future of Gary Williams at his alma mammy, Maryland. The gist of which rumor & innuendo is that he’s probably gone after this season. My source tells me to fuhgettabout the word “probably.” That Williams has indeed worn out his welcome. And burned bridges this week with his public retorts to members of the Terps’ athletic department, calling them out by name.

The only question these days is whether Maryland will pull the plug before the season is over. That seems to be the seriously disturbing trend in college sports administration these days.

This is all too sad. Williams has never been the most likeable guy. His is a horrid disposition, especially during a game. Buuuuuuuuut . . . he did win a national title not so long ago. It’s not like the ship can’t be righted.

– Seedy K

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