Notes From The (Study) Hall

Imagine my surprise when more than 17,000 showed up for the Cards game at Freedom Hall against woeful South Florida. Many must have felt like my old pal, Koz, with whom I watched Louisville games there fifty years ago when we had the run of the place.

“Our power was off. What were we going to do, sit in the dark and listen on a portable radio?” Good thinking.

One kid held up a sign that read “We drove 40 miles in the snow to see the Cards.” My buddy Doc Schik borrowed a neighbor’s four wheel drive to get there. But first he had to drive the guy all the way across the county to work, and would have to pick him up at work after the game. My dad would have been so proud.

Neither rain nor sleet nor, etc, etc.

In the first half, Louisville played with the power off too. Especially one Terrence Williams, who reverted for the first five minutes into the Evil TWill of old. By the first TV timeout, he had taken 8 — count ‘em — 8 shots. None of them were especially good ones. And he only made two. If I were coach, I’d have sat him on the bench the rest of the half. I’m not sure I approve that Marques Haynes impersonation of his in the second half, dribbling between his legs and all.

Take away those awful FG attempts and the Cards would have been well over 50% on the frigid night.

Other than that, there’s not much to say. The Rick went ballistic at the half, then the Cards came out and battered an overmatched foe like they were supposed to.

One question: Isn’t it a turnover when you have the ball and are rolling around on your butt on the floor?

– Seedy K

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  1. Stephen George
    Posted January 29, 2009 at 12:42 pm | Permalink

    Tasty second half last night. My seats were in the end zone opposite the student section, row BB, which by my count is bout 28 rows up. Not bad at’all.

    I heard post-game that Pitino and his son had a dinner bet on the attendance. Their figure: 7,500.

    Damn right.

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