Game On!

U of L’s game with South Florida is a go.

Right on.

One of my favorite U of L games ever was one with Charlotte a decade or so back. Same kind of weather as today. So I called my buddy Doug, who had a big ol’ heavy Caddy. We swayed and swerved and went round and about until we made it to the Hall.

About 5,000 hearty souls made it to the game. Twas a boisterous crew. Cards won.

Which is to say, give it a go if you’re the adventurous sort.

Despite the fact that, attempting to get to the hardware store, I’ve already put one of our cars in rut by the curb, disabling it, we still have a four wheel drive Audi to give the game a go. And, uh, don’t ask me why I didn’t take that one to the hardware store. Correct answer: Stupidity.

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