Cats Misunderestimate Rebels

Okay, I shouldn’t put the scholarly UK student athletes in the same category as our former president, syntax-wise that it. What Patrick Patterson said after Kentucky was shocked by Ole Miss was that they “underestimated” their foe. Which they did. The Rebs were more intense, played smarter and were tougher, especially on the boards. And they made their shots.

Which reaffirms, for about the millionth time and counting, one of college hoops sternest lessons. The hardest games to win: Conference games on the road.

Even if you’re playing a .500 squad with three starters out with injuries. It happens. All the time.

And it’s no disgrace, as long as the team bounces back.

Given that UK is so dependent on Meeks and Patterson to score, and score big, the team’s offense remains a delicate balance. Other options must come available. Other fellows must be willing to take the shot. Billy Clyde must fashion his offense, so the other guys get touches within their comfort range.

All of which is to say: It’s no time to panic. UK, along with the resurgent Gators, are the class of the SEC. They need to simply keep on keepin’ on. Assuming they ever get out of weather-whipped Mississippi.

– Seedy K

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