Monthly Archives: January 2009

Bluegrass Blooze

Okay, I read the message boards. And I post at message boards every so often. That said, I must admit that most of what is written is poo poo ka ka. Posters are fans, big fans. But few have even a scintilla of perspective. Yet, in this cybergalactic age, I’m as addicted as anybody. Before […]

The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

Well the Cards survived it’s Dickensian Tale of Two Halves battle with West Virginia, coached by the always feisty and woefully under-appreciated Bob Huggins. Some thoughts: 1) How big should Louisville’s halftime lead have been? The Cards went to the locker room up 20, but had already committed 14 (of 26 for the game) turnovers. […]

The Next Evander Holyfield . . .

. . . is Bret Favre. Most with some sense are saying that the former Green Bay icon is done. That this season in New York cured him of his addiction to the game. That his aches and pains and interceptions finally got to him. I’m told however that he would play again, if he […]

This Morning’s Toast

There’s been a lot of conjecture this week about the future of Gary Williams at his alma mammy, Maryland. The gist of which rumor & innuendo is that he’s probably gone after this season. My source tells me to fuhgettabout the word “probably.” That Williams has indeed worn out his welcome. And burned bridges this […]

Tiger Declawed?

Frankly I’m not that big a fan of professional golf. I watch the majors, but that’s about it. But there are apparently a lot of folks who do, especially here in RyderCupVille. So I’ll pass along this bit of info from a source who claims to know of which he speaks. He says that Tiger […]

Celebrate, Celebrate . . .

During halftime of the U of L/ West Virginia game Saturday, the school will honor the Cards’ first Final Four team. Truth be told, it wasn’t even called the Final Four in 1959, but it meant no less. That Cards team, led by Don Goldstein, squeaked into the NCAAs with a not so glossy regular […]

Notes From The (Study) Hall

Imagine my surprise when more than 17,000 showed up for the Cards game at Freedom Hall against woeful South Florida. Many must have felt like my old pal, Koz, with whom I watched Louisville games there fifty years ago when we had the run of the place. “Our power was off. What were we going […]

Tears for Coach K (Duke’s Coach K)

Uh, not really. Did you see how the Doookies lost last night to Wake Forest? A Demon Deacon slipped a screen while Duke was playing man to man — a switching man to man no less — on an inbounds play with seconds to go. He had a wide open lay up and the Blue […]

Game On!

U of L’s game with South Florida is a go. Right on. One of my favorite U of L games ever was one with Charlotte a decade or so back. Same kind of weather as today. So I called my buddy Doug, who had a big ol’ heavy Caddy. We swayed and swerved and went […]

Cats Misunderestimate Rebels

Okay, I shouldn’t put the scholarly UK student athletes in the same category as our former president, syntax-wise that it. What Patrick Patterson said after Kentucky was shocked by Ole Miss was that they “underestimated” their foe. Which they did. The Rebs were more intense, played smarter and were tougher, especially on the boards. And […]