Free At Last

Well, despite the reality that I correctly prognosticated 6 of the last 7 bowl games, I’m still a few places behind the leader in Joey The Vig’s Bowl Pool. So, thankfully, Joey’s cousin, the inimitable Slice, has moved on. It wasn’t too bad having him around for a couple of days. He mostly sat on the back stoop and whittled . . . menacingly.

He asked me a bunch of questions about my connection to The Schnell, never seemed to believe my answers, spent a bunch of time on his cellphone with Joey The Vig and whittled . . . menacingly. He left suddenly yesterday afternoon.

Not surprisingly, before the last round of games, Joey The Vig was perched on top of the standings of his very own enterprise. Imagine our surprise. Who knew he even entered his own contest? Not that Joey The Vig would rig it or anything.

Anyway, my fortunes today ride with Pitt, BC, Kansas and Georgia Tech. I think I’m in trouble. But Joey The Vig will be happy, and, for health reasons, that’s a good thing, even if it hits the pocketbook.

And, hey, Joey The Vig, the most heartfelt New Year’s wishes to you and those comely “nieces” of yours you always hang out with.

– Seedy K

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