SchnellSpeak: 12.29.08

Now that Howard Schnellenberger’s 2008 football season is over, we’re soon going to have to bid a fond adieu to the ol’ quotemeister, his syntactic gloriosity and quaint folkisms. But this is to let you know I’m gonna drag it out as long as I can, which is as long as The Schnell makes public utterances.

He reflected on his program at Florida Atlantic in the sunshine of his sixth bowl win without a defeat. Our main man morphed Papa Schnell, referring to former schools where he coached, Miami and Louisville, as “adopted children,” then:

“At Florida Atlantic, we had to be the father, uncle and pastor of this football team. The accomplishments we had here are with what I would compare with my children. These are blood children of us. We were there for the conception and birth and confirmation and bar mitzvahs. National championships and bowls and all those things will live with me forever but it doesn’t quite compare to when your little boy goes out and wins his first game.”

– Seedy K

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