House Guest For The Holidays

It is the yin and yang of life. The Schnell’s FAU Fighting Owls snag the Motown Bowl. I’m the only player that gets it right with Joey The Vig. So, being a skeptical sort, not to mention a fellow who likes to keep all the lettuce, Joey The Vig wonders what I knew that nobody else, including himself, did? He calls to congratulate me and asks a few probing questions. There’s an edge in his voice. That’s only the beginning.

Pat White leads West Virginia back over Carolina. I had it.

Florida State dismantles the Badgers. I had it.

Cal holds on when Miami’s frosh QB self destructs in the 4th quarter. I had it for a sweep of Saturday. Not the kind of run that puts a smile on Joey The Vig’s memorable face.

Then comes a knock on the door. At the same time Joey The Vig calls and wonders if I’d be so kind as to put up his “cousin” for a day or two while he’s visiting in town. Joey The Vig doesn’t take no for an answer.

When I asked my new guest’s name, the fellow says, “Just call me Slice. You got anything to munch on in the fridge?” He pulls out a blade from his coat to carve some leftover steak from a visit to Jeff Ruby’s. When I ask him what brings him to town, he mumbles something that sounds eerily like “just slicin’ and dicin’.”

When I try to make conversation, he advises “Joey’s got some questions to which he’d like some answers. But I’m tired. We’ll talk in the morning. Where’s the shower? I need to clean up before bed.”

I think I’ll try to get some sleep myself. Fat chance.

– Seedy K

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