What If It’s A Tie??????

Al Michaels and John Madden are generally regarded as the gold standard of NFL announcers.

Right now, I’m not so sure. I’m watching the Panthers and Giants. Carolina misses a field goal after the New York score and two point conversion. The game goes to overtime. First score wins and that team gets home field advantage throughout the National Conference playoffs.

But what if they tie? Each team has played a series in the overtime, but neither Michaels nor Madden has advised who gets home field advantage if neither scores and it ends in a tie. This is an unforgivable omission. In a game of such importance, all the ramifications of the outcome should have been spelled out for the viewers.

The Giants won. But it is still Baaaaaaaaaaaaaad Announcing!!!!!

– Seedy K

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  1. cbcard
    Posted December 22, 2008 at 8:51 pm | Permalink

    They should have called Donovan McNabb.

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