Monthly Archives: December 2008

Free At Last

Well, despite the reality that I correctly prognosticated 6 of the last 7 bowl games, I’m still a few places behind the leader in Joey The Vig’s Bowl Pool. So, thankfully, Joey’s cousin, the inimitable Slice, has moved on. It wasn’t too bad having him around for a couple of days. He mostly sat on […]

He Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere

Lots of rumors floating about that Edgar Sosa, bummed over lack of playing time in the Cards win over UAB, will transfer away. Fuhgettaboutit. I’m told it’s not even a consideration. Pitino truly believes the kid can be a major contributor, but The Rick is frustrated that it’s taking Sosa so long to mature on […]

Big Game Comin’ Up

In case you surfed right over it on the home page, I wrote a little perspective on that game coming up Sunday. You know, Cats vs. Cards. You can read it here. – Seedy K

Hoya Paranoia . . .

. . . is alive and well. Georgetown’s dismantling of UConn is evidence enough that U of L has a mighty ways to go to become competitive in the Big East. The Hoyas take no prisoners. Thompson the Younger’s teams are as tough as Thompson the Senior’s were. Except for one thing. They do it […]

SchnellSpeak: 12.29.08

Now that Howard Schnellenberger’s 2008 football season is over, we’re soon going to have to bid a fond adieu to the ol’ quotemeister, his syntactic gloriosity and quaint folkisms. But this is to let you know I’m gonna drag it out as long as I can, which is as long as The Schnell makes public […]

House Guest For The Holidays

It is the yin and yang of life. The Schnell’s FAU Fighting Owls snag the Motown Bowl. I’m the only player that gets it right with Joey The Vig. So, being a skeptical sort, not to mention a fellow who likes to keep all the lettuce, Joey The Vig wonders what I knew that nobody […]

Cats & Cards: A Week Till Tipoff

Didn’t see much of the Cats squeaker over Florida Atlantic. Apparently UK was down in the first half, but held steady and took care of business in the second. I did see the name Landon Slone for a moment on the screen and it didn’t immediately ring a bell. Then I remembered the kid’s a […]

SchnellSpeak: 12.27.08

One can only assume the greatest bowl coach in college football history — Need I spell out his name, Howard Schnellenberger? — had his FAU Fighting Owls believe to the core of their souls that a victory over Central Michigan’s Chippewas in the Motor City Bowl would change their lives, his life and that of […]

Schnell Slices Another Scalp

As fellow Schnell acolyte Eric Crawford wrote to me just after the final horn sounded in Motown, “And the Pipe adds another scalp to the Totem Pole of Tradition tonight in the Motor City Bowl.” Howard Schnellenberger remains undefeated as a head coach in bowl games after his feisty FAU Fighting Owls held off Central […]

The Rigors of Recruitment

Drugs. Alcohol. Girls taking off their clothes and loving each other. Coaches flaunting the number of flat screens in their homes. University presidents flaunting their international connections. Just the usual stuff when recruiting hot shot prepsters for college football and basketball. While none of this should come as a surprise to any sports fan with […]