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KragSpeak: 11.25.08

With apologies to Pigskin Poet Laureate Howard Schnellenberger, sayer of all pertinent pigskin bon mots, and the very raison d’etre of SchnellSpeak, I feel compelled to re-report several comments quoted by beleaguered Koach Steve in this morning’s C-J. “I do think it’s valuable for us to be on national television. Anytime you can put your […]

SchnellSpeak: 11.24.08

Coach Howard Schnellenberger remained disconsolate when he added to the postmortem after FAU’s loss to Arkansas State, which defeat throttled the Fighting Owls’ already precarious bowl chances. “They (the Red Wolves) deserved to win. They played much smarter than we did, they played harder than we did and they played more consistently than we did. […]

SchnellSpeak: 11.23.08

The good news: Howard Schnellenberger, 74, was granted a contract extension through the 2010 season when FAU plans to open its new stadium. That gives us at least two more seasons of quotes. Let’s pray he has the longevity of JoPa. The bad news. The Fighting Owls fell to Arkansas State on Saturday, 28-14. Which […]

Cards Blast Morehead St. – Some Observations

An anecdote which may be interesting only to me (with apologies for that designation to Peter King’s MMQB at The young fellow next to me on press row turned to me midway through the first half and asked, “Where exactly is Morehead?” “You’re not from around here, are you?” I replied. Nice kid. He’s […]

Koach Steve’s Future at U of L

I’m not saying it’s going to happen. But the murmors I’m hearing from people close to him and the situation tell me he and his family have had enough of the negativitude aimed at them because of U of L’s downfall. Apparently they have had to bear some nastiness from some disgruntled fans with no […]

Revisionism Redux

My oh my have the ESPN commentators swallowed the Kool Aid. If I hear one more time how bare Bobby Petrino left the cupboard when he left U of L, and what a clean up job Kragthorpe faced, I’m gonna puke. If I recall Koach Steve was talking possible national title before the 2007 season, […]

Feather vs.Fur

So U of L lost its football game against powerhouse Cincy the same Friday night that UK opened its hoops season in Rupp, falling to the mighty Keydets of VMI. But what’s interesting is who was where? Spotted in Tom Jurich’s box at Papa J’s was Jim Host. Now he’s the head of the arena […]

Joe Btfsplk Incarnate Wants Back

If you’re old enough to remember Al Capp’s L’il Abner cartoons, you probably recall the character Joe Btfsplk. He walked around with a rain cloud over his head showering down. He was the embodiment of bad luck. A real life example comes to mind — Former DePaul Blue Demon and NBAer, Rod Strickland. He never […]

Big Orange Innuendo

Cincy’s Brian Kelly to the Vols? That’s the buzz. Hope his teams don’t step on that Gator logo down Gainsville way. – Seedy K

BCS vs. Pigskin Playoff

I got a theory. And that is that a college football playoff will become an easier deal when ESPN takes over the BCS games in 2011. Those guys understand how many more dollars a playoff system will generate. And ESPN is now as powerful, if not more so, than the conferences and the bowl games. […]