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SchnellSpeak: 10.26.08 Bonus Bon Mots

The Critical Howard Schnellenberger reared its outspoken head, as the coach commented on the zebras after Saturday’s come from behind win at Louisiana Monroe. The rant began with left handed compliments for the home team: “I guess I should first start out by congratulating our opponents. They were certainly prepared extremely well and played well […]

The Other Coach

As I wrote last week, South Florida coach Jim Leavitt stands on far softer ground than any would believe. He’s built the program from scratch. But now in his perhaps unlucky thirteenth season, the school’s football backers are seriously wondering whether he’s the guy to take them to the highest level of the game? The […]

Credit Where & When It’s Due

I’m not about to proclaim Coach Steve Kragthorpe the next JoPa. But I have been among the caterwauling masses who have been battering his coaching abilities so far during his reign in Louisville. So let’s give him well deserved props when deserved. Against highly-rated South Florida, the Cardinals were better prepared, more steely, more focused […]

SchnellSpeak: 10.26.08

While preparing for last Saturday’s encounter with Louisiana Monroe, Physicist Schnell spoke of Charles Pierre, his premier running back. “He breaks a lot of tackles. He can get up to full speed in a step and a half and make some cuts that defy the laws of gravity.” Then, when discussing the running possibilities of […]

Told Ya — Lute is Adios Amigos

As I wrote yesterday, when Arizona authorities were still denying that Lute Olson had resigned, he indeed did so. This has been a long time coming. The bottom line is that Olson has essentially been a fallen man since his first wife passed away. He jumped into an ill-fated rebound marriage, which jump started a […]

Where have all the Journalists gone?

There’s not a lot of access for the local media to U of L basketball practices. As in, essentially zero. The national guys get in. The Rick’s buddies get in. But local guys regularly covering the team, uh, not a lot, except on special occasions. So it was neat when, at the practice after Media […]

The Rick Speaks

Here are some random quotes from Rick Pitino on Media Day. These are the ones that didn’t make it into my story which will appear in next Wednesday’s 11/29 print edition of LEO. “They (the players) need to be able to make spontaneous decisions while fatigued.” “We’ll miss David Padgett the most during breakdowns.” “Jerry […]

Oden the Overrated

My NBA aficionado sources confirm what I’ve believed since I first saw Greg Oden play. Which is that he will never live up to his billing as the #1 draft choice. When I saw Oden play in person in the NCAA tourney year before last, he appeared slow and somewhat dispassionate. One astute observer says […]

Lute Is Gone

While there are conflicting reports as of this afternoon of 10/23 whether Lute Olson has actually resigned at Arizona or not, our sources advise that it is indeed done. The handwriting has frankly been on the wall for awhile. He hasn’t been the same man since his first wife died. An ill-advised rebound marriage didn’t […]

Tis A Glorious Day

For a moment I shall forget the bitter election diatribe, forget the financial meltdown that has the country in freefall, forget that I had a flat tire on one of the fancy schmantzy run-flat tires on my new car and have to buy a new tire because they can’t really be repaired properly and there’s […]