Where the Boys Are

If you’re talking about U of L home football games, the correct answer is: Along the concourse, drinking beer, ogling the ladies and every once in awhile watching the football game on the monitors.

Every time I hear somebody opine that Louisville is a football town just waiting to strut its stuff, I laugh. The latest example is last Saturday afternoon. The Cards were playing a nationally ranked conference rival in the most important game of the season. The game was played when the football gods mean for college football games to be played — on Saturday afternoon. And a gorgeous one at that, partly sunny, hint of autumn in the air.

And there were thousands of seat empty at kickoff and throughout the entire game. Of those that came, way too many hung out under the stands and schmoozed.

Obviously there are a lot of real Cardinal football fans. But a football town . . . nah!

As any number of wags have wondered aloud early and often . . . to whom does U of L think they’re going to sell all those expensive new expansion seats? I sure hope they do, but Show Me and I’ll believe it.

– Seedy K

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