Tis A Glorious Day

For a moment I shall forget the bitter election diatribe, forget the financial meltdown that has the country in freefall, forget that I had a flat tire on one of the fancy schmantzy run-flat tires on my new car and have to buy a new tire because they can’t really be repaired properly and there’s no spare, forget that I’ve got a dentist appointment coming up to fix a cracked filling, forget that my Detroit Tigers and Detroit Lions both suck big time . . . and remember that today is one of my favorites of the year.

It’s Media Day for U of L hoops. The Rick fills us in. We get to chat up the players.

Most of all, it means that tip off isn’t far away.

Say Hallelujah!!!!

I’ll be reporting back here. And there will be a season preview article in next week’s print edition of LEO.

– Seedy K

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