Professional Fighting Fixed? Never Say It.

I am no expert on the ever more popular sport of extreme fighting, or martial arts or whaterver they call it. Heck, I’ve never been much of a fan of the Sweet Science, save for my allegiance to homie Muhammed Ali. But I have seen this Kimbo Slice character now and again on the tube and admit he’s one scary ass dude because of whom I’d cross the street to provide wide latitude.

So I was as surprised as anybody when I saw the now widely seen video of 14 second demise the other night to one Seth Petruzelli, a stand in I believe for KS’s actual opponent.

In post-victory comments, the winner is now insinuating that the promoters of the fight “kind of hinted” that it would be in his best interests to stand up and trade punches with Mr. Slice. Petruzelli actually said he was given money to do so. Instead, he pummeled his victim from the get go, getting him to the mat where he battered Slice until his face was, well, sliced actually.

All of which is to imply that the promoter — EliteXC — wanted to, ahem, dictate the course of the proceedings, rather than allowing the athletic endeavor to play out naturally. That is, they tried to put the fix in.

All I can say is that I’m shocked, shocked I say, that such “sport” might be tainted.

Kelly Kahl of CBS, which televised the event, said “I don’t believe there was any impropriety whatsoever.”

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