Monthly Archives: October 2008

Whither Withey?

Former future U of L superduperstar, 6-11 Californian Jeff Withey, is a adrift once again. If you recall, he opted for the red & black then decommitted to Louisville to cast his lot with Lute Olson at Arizona. So how’s that working out for you, Jeff? Not so well apparently. The kid has dropped out […]

The Series – Come & Gone In A Blink

Is it any wonder that nobody paid any attention to the World Series? (Won by the Phillies, in case you hadn’t heard.) The games were all on at night. They started late at night, even when not delayed by rain. One game started after 10:00 p.m. Tim McCarver is and always was the color announcer […]

UK displays Danny Manning Syndrome

I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked to know that UK would actually try to influence the decision of Daniel Orton, a prime recruit, by hiring his father and brother — legally, it is said — to make speeches at summer hoops camps. Never say it. Truth is I’m not here to bust Big Blue balls […]

Oden Injured — It won’t be the Last Time

Greg Oden was injured in his first game as a Portland Trailblazer. As I wrote last week, informed sources advise that his physical makeup and development as a teenager make him quite injury prone. I will reiterate that a number of in-the-know NBA observers feel he’ll never be a factor of any consequence in the […]

Another Bummer for the Cards

Wednesday 10/29 8:30 a.m. Just when he was recovering from his last injury, just when he was starting to meet all the expectations, just when opposing defenses were going to have to change their game plans to compensate for his abilities, U of L wide receiver Scott Long is out for the season. Torn ACL. […]

Get Out The Butter

The Dead Men Walking papparazzi are hanging out today down Smokey Mountain way. Not that you shouldn’t already know this, but, grab the marmalade, Phil Fulmer is T.O.A.S.T. I’m told the end of his tenure will be announced before the end of the season. Remember Tennessee is the school where former football coach Bill Battle […]

Hoosier Attorney?

The rumors are rampant that an Indy lawyer named Fred Glass is going to be IU’s next AD, replacing Rick Greenspan, the guy who inexplicably hired that Sampson fella to coach the Hurryin’ Hoosiers. Don’t know much about the guy, but I do find it fascinating that this school beleagured with NCAA problems would tap […]

Pearl/ Summit Mutual Admiration Society

There’s a fascinating dialog between the two Tennessee Vol hoop coaches, Pat Summit and Bruce Pearl. Pearl obviously used his schmoozing instincts to immediately and permanently ingratiate himself to the best coach in the history of womens college hoops. You can read the online interview of the two here.

Red/ White Scrimmage Notes

A surprisingly large crowd of 9,000-11,000 or so (just a guess obviously) showed up Sunday night to watch the latest edition of U of L’s hoopsters scrimmage. Some random thoughts and observations: Samardo Samuels showed surprising range with his jumper during warm ups, hitting several treys. TWill still cocks his wrist askew when shooting his […]

Where the Boys Are

If you’re talking about U of L home football games, the correct answer is: Along the concourse, drinking beer, ogling the ladies and every once in awhile watching the football game on the monitors. Every time I hear somebody opine that Louisville is a football town just waiting to strut its stuff, I laugh. The […]